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    On the coast of china East sea,Taizhou Huangyan Maiwei Machinery Co.,Ltd,is located in Huangyan,which is famous for mould Kingdom and blow moulding machine hometown.Taizhou Huangyan Maiwei Machinery Co.,Ltd,with advanced technology and ideas adopted at home and abroad,specializes in design,manufacturing and sales if three categories,more than 20 models of PET,PP and PE fully,semi and manual automatic blow moulding machines for plastic containers for mineral water,beverage,cosmetic,milk and oil form 5ml to 40L.Excellent qualitu,stability and nice performance-cost help us win costomer from China,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Europe and America.

  • What are the ways to improve plastic machinery plasticization and extrusion?


    The effect of the machine on the products operated by different technicians is different, which is different from the value generated by the same thing placed in the hands of different people. We can't just take machine-based production as a matter of course. In the production process, we will understand their working process, the operation status of the machine in various time periods and the impact of various different configuration materials on the performance of the machine. Only when we master these principles do we call it Be a professional.

  • Reasons for air leakage of automatic bottle blowing machine sealing


    The pressure of the sealing cylinder is not enough. If you choose a low-pressure sealing cylinder, the low-pressure pressure can be kept below 8 kg. The general water bottle is no problem. But it also depends on the high-pressure blowing pressure. If the high-pressure blowing pressure is too large, the sealing cylinder will be pressed down. If the high-pressure pressure is reduced, it can be blown into a bottle shape to try to reduce the high-pressure pressure, or the high-pressure pressure is too large, and the mold clamping pressure If it is too small, the mold will be stretched out, and the seal will leak, which can increase the automatic mold clamping pressure.

  • How to maintain the beverage bottle blowing machine


    Loosen the four front nuts of the tie rod and its pressure plate to move the adjustment plate backward. At this time, the sprocket screw is closely fixed to the rear pressure plate of the mold adjustment nut of the adjustment plate without the rear end, thereby eliminating the sprocket nut and the rear pressure plate Clearance. At the same time, because the front nut pressure plate of the tie rod is loosened, the tie rod moves forward under the drive of the sprocket screw without reaction force, the gap between the front nut and the fixed template will increase, when it is determined that all 4 tie rods move forward (4 front After the gap between the screw and the fixed template is increased), tighten the front nut with a uniform force, press the front nut pressure plate, and complete the rough adjustment of the parallelism between the moving template and the fixed template.

  • How to choose beverage bottle blowing machine


    How to choose a beverage bottle blowing machine? Regarding beverage bottle blowing machines, many newcomers to the plastic bottle industry have a lot of knowledge to understand and learn before purchasing, and the needs are promoted according to their own needs. The more expensive bottle blowing machine is the better, but it may not be suitable for you. Since many factors will be touched in the early consumption process of the blow molding machine, only finding suitable talents to carry forward the greatest use will bring about better benefits. For some large-scale beverage, mineral water or cosmetic products manufacturers, due to the large amount of packaging used, they are often integrated with product filling.

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